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Please call customer service at 612-874-8892 or write us at and we'll help you resolve the issue.
You will receive an email notification of your orders status both when you first submit your order and when we finalize processing of the order.
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There are a few reasons why your card could be declined: Your address did not match the one your bank has on file. Please make sure your full address, including zip is correct. You entered an incorrect number. The CVV number is the 3 digit number at the end of the string of numbers on the back of your card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) or the 4 digit number on the front (American Express). Your limit is exceeded. When a card is declined on a debit check card, your bank may hold the funds for 24-72 hours.
We cannot make any exchanges, upgrades, or additions to an existing order. If you would like to add more tickets, you will need to place a separate order. All orders will be honored at the door. If you would like to exchange or upgrade your ticket, you can request a refund for your original order (minus the nonrefundable service charge) and you can repurchase the correct tickets. Please note, not all refund requests for this reason will be honored.
Yes,as long as you have a billing address and cvv number attached to the card and it displays a Visa/MasterCard, Amex or Discover logo.
Your printable ticket is your only ticket. You must print it to gain entry to the event. You cannot get into the event with out it. You will not be refunded if you are unable to bring your printed ticket to the show.