Tickets by Phone: 612-874-8892


You must either sign up or upgrade your account to Seller status. This is free to do but you will be required to fill out a small agreement. Register online, complete the forms, setup your event and start selling!
The service charge can ranges from 5-15% depending on the ticket price,venue, and promoter or seller. The service fee is paid by the ticket buyer unless you choose as a seller to pay it from your end.
Promoter name is the name which shows up on your event page as the promoter of the event. Billing name is who we make the payable check out too and may be different then the production group name..
Due to federal law, we must have a W-9 on file in order to remit payment for ticket sales for all businesses based in the United States only.
We cannot legally sell your tickets without an agreement in place binding and protecting all parties involved. The ticketing process has many variables which must be agreed to by both parties prior to selling any tickets.
Checks are sent the Thursday of the week following the event. You can contact us to request expedited payment, which you will be responsible for any extra costs. They can also be picked up from our storefront at: 3 W 15th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403